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RE Investment Academy

Join Chris McClatchey for three days live in sunny Orlando, Florida in an event unlike any you've ever attended! Over 65% of the presentations are content-only. This is the event to attend for experienced investors to novice beginners. Join us to finally achieve your goals.

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Complete Real Wealth Package

Receive the ultimate Real Wealth experience with the Complete Real Wealth Package! You will receive all of Chris' top courses, including Automation, Finding No Money Down Deals, and Quick Turn for the Long Term. All three courses will come complete with manuals, CDs, and DVDs.

Automate Your Real Estate Business

This program teaches you how to put your real estate business on an assembly line. It allows your business to run efficiently and profitably, even when you’re not there.

Manuals & CDs

Manual, CDs, & DVDs

Finding No Money Down Deals

Learn the techniques and criteria used to efficiently and successfully find no money down deals. These techniques have been developed to work in any area of the country and will allow you to build your real estate portfolio more quickly and easily.

Quick Turn for the Long Term

These powerful transaction engineering methods are being used to generate quick turn profits now, while retaining long term profit centers in your real estate portfolio. These methods are designed for quick turn investors retaining long term investments, as well as cash flow investors needing quick turn profits now.

The Velocity of Money

Get In, Get Out, Get Back In. These are the methods used by the ultra-rich. Learn how to calculate money to your advantage, from borrowing to lending money. The way you calculate money can drastically affect your profitability. Learn these insider secrets on how to calculate it in your best interest.

The Cash Flow Analysis Tool

This powerful tool allows you to automatically calculate your property’s cash flow. It utilizes Microsoft Excel to automatically determine whether your property is profitable.

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An Introduction to Our Products

For over 13 years, Chris has created, developed and executed many unique real estate transactions. His experience combined with his knowledge of the law has allowed him to be a very successful real estate investor. Chris now shares his experiences and techniques in his Seminars, Products and Coaching Program. His “teaching” style allows for you the “student” to easily understand these techniques. For you new investors, Chris takes you step by step on how to set up your business. His checklist approach makes his products very user friendly.

For the more advanced investor, Chris shares intricate techniques, negotiating skills and in-depth analysis of actual deals. His 13 years of experience in the business and hundred plus transactions all Chris to analyze deals from perspectives not easily seen by other investors. Come find out why Chris has been so successful in both the up turns and downs turns of this real estate market for the past decade.